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Gingembre confit

Candied Ginger Strips

candied ginger strips
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candied ginger stripscandied ginger strips


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These candied ginger strips from Provence are perfect for baking and garnishing cakes. They are French bakers' and chocolatiers' favorite ingredient and we are sure you'll love them too.
These candied ginger strips have been placed in a plastic container to help ensure freshness. (7.05 oz)

The fruits confits are made in the candy-shop Lilamand that was founded by Marius Lilamand in 1866 in Saint Rémy de Provence in the region of Provence. His son Justin carried on with the candy-shop in 1903 and devoted himself to the making of crystallized fruits. His son Pierre continues today the tradition of crystallized fruits. Provence is like a natural orchard that offers an incredible selection of fruit — melons, pears, apricots, figs, peaches — that lend themselves perfectly to preservation. The tradition of preserving fruit goes back to the Romans who soaked them in honey. At that time, fruit conservation was used as a way of keeping perishable products rather than producing confections. Fragile fruits that were candied in sugar could keep for months, sometimes years, without changing. It was then possible to eat figs, apples, and plums all year long. In the Middle-Ages, the fruits confits were on every ceremonial table, and were a gift only to important guests. The fruits confits are part of the thirteen desserts of Christmas, symbol of Christ and his apostles. According to this tradition at Christmas, every family in Provence gathers to eat the thirteen desserts that are nougats, calissons, dry figs, and fruits confits.

Ingredients: ginger, sugar, glucose.

All our products are made in France and in order to maintain their high quality and freshness, we ship directly from our shop in Toulouse, France to your doorstep via FedEx International Priority or FedEx International Econonomy.

For information on where we deliver and our delivery options, see our Shipping page.


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candied ginger strips

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