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Madeleines de Commercy

Traditional French Madeleines

madeleines de commercy
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madeleines de commercymadeleines de commercy


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These delicious treats called Madeleines are soft with a shell-like shape and are made out of natural ingredients like eggs, butter, sugar and flour.
The 12 madeleines are individually wrapped in cellophane and placed in a pretty wooden box. (10.58 oz)

Commercy is a town that is situated in northeastern France in the Lorraine region. In the 18th century, the castle of Commercy was the residence of Duke Stanislas Leszczyñska. Stanislas Leszczyñska became duke of Lorraine in 1737 and legend says that his cook was substituted by a young maid from Commercy who started making small cakes according to a recipe from her grandmother. The cakes were so delicious that in 1755 the Duke's son-in-law, Louis XV of France, gave them the name of the young maid, Madeleine. The Madeleine of Commercy became particularly famous during World War 1 when young girls from Commercy sold these small cakes in the train station to the soldiers who were going to the front. Madeleines are also associated with the famous French writer Marcel Proust who tells about an awakening while eating one of these cakes in his book entitled In Search of Lost Time: “She sent out for one of those short, plump little cakes called petites madeleines, which look as though they had been moulded in the fluted scallop of a pilgrim's shell. And soon, mechanically, weary after a dull day with the prospect of a depressing morrow, I raised to my lips a spoonful of the tea in which I had soaked a morsel of the cake. No sooner had the warm liquid, and the crumbs with it, touched my palate than a shudder ran through my whole body, and I stopped, intent upon the extraordinary changes that were taking place... at once the vicissitudes of life had become indifferent to me, its disasters innocuous, its brevity illusory...”

Ingredients: wholewheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, sorbitol, disodium diphophate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, malt extract, dextrose, natural flavor.

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